How to Pick Out the Best Tuxedo for Prom

For those who want to attend senior prom, it is time to put some deliberate thought into what you are going to wear for the night. Gone are the days when only girls invested the whole year in thinking about what their dresses would look like. Today, with every celebration getting a live broadcast on social networking platforms, it is becoming increasingly important to spare some time to enhance your appearance.

So, all you guys who intend to wait till the last minute to put something together and pick up your date for the prom, here’s a piece of advice: Start early! A good point to start caring about how you would look at the prom is to remember that pictures will be clicked. Yes! Your prom pictures are likely to last you a lifetime. Who knows, if you go on to become a celebrity, the world will be vying for these pictures of your prom night. Now, no one wants an unkempt past, do they? So, without further ado, guys, here’s a simple guide to pick out the best tuxedo for your prom night.

The Jacket

The most important part of a tuxedo is the jacket. This piece of clothing

How to Find the Perfect Plus-size Designer Jeans

Finding a pair of great fitting plus-size jeans is no longer a tough task. Previously the collection of these jeans hardly consisted of pairs that would fit well on fuller figures. They appeared baggy, and loose from all sides without proper shape and cuts. But have a look at the latest collection of plus-size jeans and you are sure to find stunning designs and great fitting pieces. Well, be it a size 34 jeans or even larger, size 36 jeans, designers have classic fits available in these. With the increasing competition, brands are not ignoring the plus-size segment and they do have a large product line specially designed for this category. Well, you might wonder why opt for the expensive Old Navy, Gap, Levi’s, Lane Bryant, Jag Jeans, or Not Your Daughter’s Jeans when you get similar pieces at lower prices. Here’s why opting for a designer jeans is a smart choice.

Why Opt for Designer Brands

When you begin your search, designer pieces are the right thing to go for. While many of you might be avoiding trying out the jeans due to their heavy price tag, let me tell you, they offer a nice fit and ultimate comfort.

How to Choose Plus Size Evening Dresses

Having a perfect hourglass figure is not always possible for every woman, especially after delivery. Biologically, a woman’s body undergoes physical changes throughout her life, but what probably remains constant is her desire to look beautiful forever. Outfits are one of the ways to enhance one’s appearance. At formal occasions, an evening dress carried off with the right attitude attracts admiration. This article shares some insights on plus size dresses, that can help you choose the right evening dress.

Points to Remember While Shopping

Age-appropriate Designs: It is important to dress as per your age. Sometimes, women wearing clothes that are made for younger girls certainly look odd, as it does not suit their age and persona. So, choose the right outfit to complement your personality. There are many brands that offer evening dresses for women over 40, or 50.

Dark Hues: You must remember that dark colors can make you appear slimmer. They hide the flab effectively, creating an illusion of thinner body type. So, dark colors such as black, navy blue, maroon, etc., can certainly suffice for this purpose.

Textures and Patterns: You must choose designs that suit your body type. Opt for those clothing patterns which highlight your assets,

Nightwear for Men

While ladies have a huge collection of nightgowns to flaunt off and stay comfortable while sleeping, men too have a good collection of nightwear available on the shelves today. If you were wondering that the nightwear segment mainly consists of clothing for women, then you have probably not yet checked out the section of men’s sleepwear. Let me tell you that the same consists of lot of varieties and options in styles and designs from which men can definitely find pieces that suit their taste of style. Moreover, today there are several brands which are launching quality and trendy nightwear for men. This also offers them an option of buying designer nightwear that provides ultimate comfort along with sophisticated styles. So let us move on to find out various options in the same.


There are many options in men’s nightwear in terms of fabrics. While you checkout different nightwear patterns, cotton can be found as the commonly used fabric. Cotton is a skin friendly fabric that gives a rich and comfy touch to the outfit. Premium range pieces are often designed using soft satins. You can find satin nightwear in dark colors like black, navy, charcoal, brown. Nylon night

Overalls for Men

The overalls were initially designed in order to be worn as protective clothing in manufacturing industries and factories where, there were increased chances of getting injured. These overalls were supposed to be worn over normal trousers, from where it got the name bip-and-brace. They were introduced from England into America during the early 20th century and have since been a part of the workman’s protective uniform. They were made an inseparable part of the factories laws which made it mandatory for all workers to wear protective gears as well as overalls over their casual clothes.

Many male and female workers wore overalls in factories that manufactured inflammable products such as matchsticks, ammunition, those who worked in boiler rooms. It is still worn by construction workers, in automobile repair workshops and garages, etc.

Bips & Braces
The ‘Bip’ is a garment that is worn around the neck, its cloth covers the chest so as to protect good clothes from getting stained. It is usually worn while eating food, or in dental clinics. The ‘Brace’ on the other hand came from the good old suspenders, which were elastic or leather straps that help up the trousers. Therefore, the overalls were made with

Best Fitting Jeans for Plus Size Women

Ask any woman what her favorite piece of clothing is and chances are that more than fifty percent of the time, the answer would sway towards a pair of denims. You can dress it up or lounge around in it, and it is really difficult to go wrong with a pair of denims. From skinny jeans to bell bottoms, to straight cuts and wide legs, the options from which to choose denims are many, but the problem arises when you need to find a pair of denims that fits well.

A woman who falls into the six percent category of normal women and has the same figure as ramp models, may find it difficult to locate good fitting denims, and if you are larger than what is considered average, then this problem is only magnified manifold. There are many tips though, that if followed, will allow you to find that divine pair of denims that will definitely make you look gorgeous, every single time you wear them.

Finding Good Denims for Plus Size Women

A friend once told me that finding the pathway to heaven would probably be easier than finding that perfect pair of denims that would camouflage your every

Grunge Clothing

Clothing and ways of dressing up have been changing for decades, right from the 1970s up to the recent 2000s. Apparels have a very substantial impact on the way a person looks. The style of wearing clothes in the previous decades has certainly had an effect on the way people wear clothes at present. One of the fashion trends that rose to fame in the 1990s is grunge clothing. The 1990s was when the rock music scene declined and grunge music rose to fame.

When you think of grunge clothing, the first thing that generally comes to mind is the apparel worn by musicians in the 1990s. Some of the grunge bands that became popular and set a clothing standard were Nirvana and Pearl Jam. People had a particular belief regarding this clothing. They thought that its main characteristic was not at all related to looking stylish and fashionable. All that mattered was comfort to the fullest, no matter how the wearer looked. And it was the comfort factor that made it popular among youngsters and teenagers in the 1990s.

Grunge Clothing for Girls and Boys

Flannel is a type of fabric which is used in shirts. Both girls and boys

How to Dress for a Wedding Reception as a Guest

Earlier, dressing up for a wedding reception was easy, as most people had church weddings, followed by formal receptions. But today, there are beach, destination, theme, and all other kinds of weddings, which require guests to dress up accordingly. So, how should men or women, dress up? Listed below are some tips which you will surely find useful.

Stick to the Dress Code
The first thing to look at carefully, is the invitation. Does it mention any dress code? Does it say that you have to dress up formally? If yes, then do as prescribed. Formal dresses include suit and tie/tuxedo for men and full-length gowns for women.

Not Too Casual
You should not be dressed casually for a wedding. Of course, if the invitation specifically states jeans/tees, it is another matter altogether. In case you do not feel like dressing up very formally, you can opt for polo shirts and cotton pants. They do not look as casual as a jeans and yet, are not too formal either. Women can wear one piece knee-length dresses instead of gowns to dress up a bit casually.

Take Cue from Others
Your dresses should in no way make you stand out among the

Formal Wedding Attire

The thought of arriving at a formal wedding in your casual clothes while other guests are dressed in tuxedos, is itself very embarrassing. However, there are lots of people who have had such experiences. The reason for this is that many people do not actually know the etiquette that they have to follow when they dress up for such an occasion. Though the people out there would be concentrating more on the bride, groom, and the party, not wearing the proper attire can make a person self-conscious. Hence, if you have to go to an event like this, you ought to know the etiquette.


Before you choose the costume, check as to what type of wedding you are going to attend. Most invitations mention the kind it is going to be. For instance, if it is a formal event, it will be mentioned in the invitation as ‘black tie’. On the other hand, if it has not been mentioned, do not think that you can wear whatever you want to! One thing you can do is to check the type of invitation as well as the wordings used in it. For instance, if the invitation is a cream-colored one,

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

Being a plus size woman should not be a deterrent to dressing up fashionably. Although, the fashion is somewhat aimed at and designed for women with perfect figures to some extent, plus size women too can look their best, especially on an event like an anniversary party or a black-tie dinner event, with some wise and clever decisions in women’s clothing.

When it comes to finding clothes for larger women, the key lies in finding such clothing, which highlights your good features and hides all your flaws instead of blindly following the latest fashion trends. After all, if it’s a special occasion, it can be made even more memorable, if you receive accolades from everybody around on the way you look!

When choosing a dress, go in for darker colors. Black is the favorite choice of women on the heavier side as it makes them look slimmer. However, you do not have to just stick to black, you can opt for other dark and bright colors such as purple, red, dark blue, and bottle green, as well.

Check the length of the dress. It completely depends upon the shape of your legs. Since some plump women have shapely and